She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother Living Single : Season 1 Episode 26

TV-PG FOX int(0)


Khadijah is thrilled when her mother, Rita, comes to visit for Mother's Day; but Regine is distressed that her mother, Laverne, has tagged along. Laverne quickly gets on her daughter's nerves by pestering her to ""get married and get some beans in that oven."" During an afternoon at a spa, Regine and Laverne get into a nasty argument after Regine learns that her mother sought Kyle's advice on why she can't land a man. Khadijah and Rita also square off when Khadijah suggests that Laverne should let Regine live her own life. Their dispute is quickly resolved. Max advises Regine to apologize immediately to win the argument, but Laverne beats her to the punch. They finally come to an understanding after coming together to skip around the kitchen and mock the perpetually happy Rita and Khadijah. Meanwhile, Overton goes a little overboard with purchases from the Spending Channel as he seeks the perfect Mother's Day gift. Tag: A post-Mother's Day de-briefing. Music: ""Rapper's Delight"" (Sugar Hi

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